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The cyber-criminal groups behind fake anti-virus (scareware/rogueware) infections have run into some significant roadblocks over the last few years, but there is much more to the overall story. Some groups have been arrested. Some have had their operations and entire call support centers shut down. Some groups attracted too much attention, picked off the low…

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Scareware, Black Hat SEO and You

June 29, 2010 | Under Blog | Posted by | No Comments

The scareware and rogue AV problem that initially appeared a few years ago and has since found its way onto thousands and thousands of legitimate Web sites, including The New York Times home page, has now reached epidemic levels. The scams are mostly boilerplate and well-understood, but it’s not often that we get to take a peek behind the curtain and see the inner workings of the schemes. Here’s just such a chance. [...]

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