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RSA 2012 Conference in Review

RSA 2012 @InfoSpywareIn the beginning months of every year, the people fighting the good fight against internet crime converge upon the Moscone Center In San Francisco.  The RSA Conference is an event that brings huge amounts people from around the world together, over 200 sessions, 450 speakers and 350 security-focused exhibitors,  for a week to focus on making the internet a safer place for governments, businesses and people. It’s the largest Security conference in the world and merges the business with the science of computer security, where @InfoSpyware was present!

The past year has been a year where information insecurity has been thrust into the lives of the common person.  From changes in the way we use the internet, through mobiles, tablets and cloud services, to high profile security breaches from Sony, the FBI and RSA itself, to the relentless hacktivism of Anonymous and the nowpossibly-defunct Lulzsec, to the misguided efforts of governments with SOPA and PIPA,  there has never before been such a time where something that is so pervasive in our lives, has changed so rapidly.

The antivirus weather forecast: cloudy


These days, when you scan Internet resources or take part in discussions, you inevitably come across materials and comments related to the use of cloud technology in antivirus protection.

The opinions are many, ranging from accusations against vendors that they are indulging in blatant PR campaigns in the complete absence of any benefits offered by the antivirus cloud, to assertions that these so-called clouds are a universal panacea. Both Internet users and security professionals are engaged in these discussions today, and no one can seem to agree.

The objective of this article is to make an attempt to really get to the bottom of the situation. We will address only the real-time collaboration of personal antivirus products installed on user computers with the vendor’s cloud infrastructure. This article will not discuss SaaS/hosted services.